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Monorail Crane

Monorail System

For materials that are too bulky or heavy to move through a process or facility with lift trucks or fixed, floor-mounted conveyors monorails and workstation cranes move and position loads. They maximize the vertical space in a facility by transporting loads overhead.

Their travel is directed by an operator, either manually or with a wired pendant station or wireless controls. These direct their horizontal, vertical or lateral load movements.

Monorails and workstation cranes are typically used to support manufacturing activities. Monorails typically transport loads from one process to the next. Workstation cranes are usually dedicated to a specific location to support a load during a specific step.

Monorail systems and workstation cranes provide a variety of benefits:

  • Adaptable : Because they can operate on any plant floor surface, and can be modified to accommodate changing needs, they provide flexibility to an operation
  • Customization : Can be customized with below the hook attachments, end effectors or specialized tooling to handle a diverse variety of products and loads
  • Ergonomics : By doing the heavy lifting, monorail systems and workstation cranes take strain off operators, reducing fatigue and lowering the risk of injury
  • Faster direct paths : Monorail systems and workstation cranes take product up and over obstacles, instead of navigating back and forth through aisles
  • Load control: Radio remote controls and independent traveling pushbutton pendants allow for a better view while keeping the operator away from the load and any associated danger
  • Lower maintenance costs : Incorporating the latest technologies and offered in a variety of usage and capacity ratings, monorail systems and workstation cranes require less maintenance compared to other lifting devices
  • Positioning: Highly automated systems maneuver with the precision of one thousandth of the rated speed to an exact location
  • Reduce labor expenses: A single monorail system or workstation crane cover a large work area and can replace more manual operations
  • Reduction in product damage : By allowing for smooth, direct-path transportation over obstacles with soft start features, multiple speed options and a variety of end effectors to interface with and secure the load products are handled gently to minimize damage
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